Writer's Block: Out of fashion
If you could choose which fashions would go out of style permanently, what would you choose, and why?

Without going into too much detail I'd probably get rid of people sagging their pants. Like I really need to be in public and seeing some dude's underwear. Now if women would do it that would be different and maybe even cool. But seriously guys, pull your pants up and have some respect for yourselves. Nobody wants to see what kind of underwear your mother buys you.

What I Want To Do...

Ok, so I've wanted to do this for some time now and I'm still not getting it out yet. But I just wanted to get a little of this out there before I neglect to ever get any of it out there. I've been wanting to write about this for the past couple months. But I've been too busy or lazy to actually get around to it. And I don't really have a whole lot of time to be writing right now. But I at least wanted to get out a little outline of what I want to do in the relative near-future.

  • I want to write about 2009 in review. About its ups and downs and generally how much it sucked.
  • Which will lead to my "hopes and dreams" of 2010.
  • I also want to write about the various lists I have been compiling. Such as my top favorite movies list.
  • And I just want to write about my life in general as it pertains to the "present."
That's all I can think of for now. I really need to be getting to sleep soon. It's getting late. So I id to anone who may read this, good night and good luck.

Writer's Block: Back from the dead
If you could experience being dead for one day to learn what happens in the afterlife, and were guaranteed to return to life the following day, would you do it? Why or why not?

I would totally do it without a moment's hesitation. I'm very curious as to what the next step in this journey will bring. And if I had the ability to see what it was for even a day, I would do it.

Whether it's going to heaven or hell, or going to another plane of existence entirely, or just walking around as a ghost and watching people while they're in the shower. I would love to see what's on the other side. To take away the fear of uncertainty. It's something I've been thinking about for quite some time. I think we would all be a little less afraid of dying if we could only know what comes next. Many cultures have there beliefs and theories. And some peoplem claim to have had near-death experiences. But no one really knows what is going to happen after we die. And I wouldn't mind finding out exactly what happens. It would be fun to walk around as a ghost for a day or just see what heaven or hell really looks like. But I don't know what I'd tell people after I got back.

Not A Great Day..
Today hasn't been a great day for me. But it's not like it was supposed to be.

For the record I want it known that I am under no illusion that is may be of a bitchy rant. I hate for my second blog post to come to this. And I hate for this blog to come to this at all. But I started this mainly because I needed a positive and constructive outlet on the internet.

I've been in a bit of a depressed funk all day. When I get like this I pretty much don't know what to do with myself. And it's pretty crazy. I will admit I probably need counselling or some kind of therapy. But I'm not sure I'm one to ever admit it to the point where I'll actually ever go through with it. And I probably couldn't afford it anyway.

So, like I said, sometimes I get in a bit of a depressed funk and I start acting really stupid. I hate myself when I get like this but I pretty much can't help it. I tend to make bad decisions when I'm in this state. I act all the wrong ways and I do all the wrong things. I hate it and everyone else around me does as well.

I'm not quite sure what made me this way today. I had to take my girlfriend, Karen, to work and I ended up staying with her for about two hours. She works in an old grocery store that has been turned into a book store. It's kind of scary for her because she usually works all by herself and the place where she has to turn the lights on is pretty creepy. Plus, there are a few other factors that contribute to her fears that I don't think I will get into.

So I ended up staying with her way longer than I really wanted to. And I even helped her do a few things with some books. She offered to pay me but through some weird sense of chivalry or politeness I declined. And that's another problem I tend to have when I get in this kind of funk. And I think it may have even gotten worse in the past few months. When I get this way I usually turn down things that are given to me. Even if I really want, or need, said things. And when I wanted to leave she decided to go and call the Chinese restaurant across the parking lot and order some food. Now I am not against her eating a good meal. But of course I had to be the one to get it for her when it was ready and bring it back to her. Thus, further preventing me from enjoying what looked like a nice Sunday off.
Well, eventually I was able to Karen at her work and I went to Best Buy to look at Blu-Ray movies and laptop cooling fans. And I got a call from our friend Pauline. She said she wanted to hang out. But I told her I couldn't because I needed to go home. I wish I could have hung out but since my girlfriend is kind of clingy and needy, I end up spending a lot of time with her. Consequently I end up sleeping at her house more than at my own house in my own bed. And I had some things I had to do like see my family and do laundry and such. I also wanted to go to the gym but by this point in the day I hadn't really eaten anything and I had to go to the bathroom real badly. And as much as I wanted to hang out with Karen and Pauline, I really needed to go home to my personal space and do the things I needed and wanted to do. Also I find it pertinent to take a shower once in a while.And I knew that if we were all together, Karen and Pauline would take over and I would get pushed to the side, feeling like a third wheel. Like last time. And I hate that because Pauline and I were friends first. And I always felt like she was one of my best friends because we always talked a lot. But now she and Karen are closer and I always seem to get pushed to the side.

It just sucks sometimes when I can't do the things I would really like to do. I'm not saying this because I like to shirk my responsibilities and goof off, but because I really don't get to see my friends much. All my friends have pretty much moved on and don't come around town much. And it sucks. I understand that they all have lives and responsibilities of there own. But it just seems like I might just have sucky friends who don't give a crap about me. And, to be honest, I sometimes wonder if they care about me at all. sometimes I hear from them but it's not much. And I'm not trying to bitch. I'm just a guy who has no real friends. All I have is my family and a girlfriend that I spend a lot of time with. And I wonder if there's something wrong with me. I mean other than all that other stuff I mentioned earlier. I wonder if there's something wrong with me that would make my supposed friends not want to come by once in a while.

I Fought The Law, and I Won
On Monday December 28th, 2009 I went to court for the speeding ticket I received about five or six months ago. It was a bit of a nerve-racking ordeal. But honestly, even as it was happening, I knew it felt a little too easy. I don't mean it was too easy in the sense that I got off the hook way too easy. I paid my dept to society. I paid the bail and I showed up to the court house. But While I was there, I was surprisingly calm. More calm than I ever thought I would be in a situation that intense. Usually I get super nervous in situations like that. Especially if it's something I've never experienced before. So it really is a good thing I didn't get the chance to eat any breakfast. So here is how things went down.

I wanted to wake up early at my girlfriend Karen's place. But I was pretty tired from staying up a little late, playing with the new laptop I got for Christmas. So, I hit the snooze button a couple of times and woke up a little later than I originally wanted to. And, on a bit of a side note, the clock in the bathroom is a little slow. So I ended up getting to the court house a little later than I intended to. But my crazy-ass luck kicked in yet again, and there were a bunch of people outside, waiting to go through the metal-detector, to get to there Ten o'clock court appearances. So I wasn't late late. Thank God.

It was a bit of a nerve-racking experience.
It was hard just sitting there. Not really knowing what I was going to do if they ever got around to calling me up there. They just kept going down the list and I was slightly worried when they skipped my name. But I was also relieved. Nevertheless, I did go back to worrying. As they went down the list of names I couldn't stop thinking about what I would do when I eventually went up there. Would I contest the ticket and try to beat the cop and the law? Or would I just relent and take the traffic school? I kept wrestling with this decision for an hour and a half. However, I was able to distract myself from it by watching the proceedings of the court. It was so interesting to see the people go up there and take the traffic school. Or watch them plead their case and inevitable lose to the law.

But plaintiff, after plaintiff, pleaded their case, and still it wasn't my turn to go up. I could have sworn that someone was called up earlier and the judge let them leave because their officer hadn't showed. So I was sure that wasn't going to happen to me as well.
After all, it did seem as if they were going down the list alphabetically. And yet despite the fact that my last name starts with the letter B, they still hadn't called me up yet. I kept getting a little more worried. I couldn't remember what the police officer who issued my ticket looked like. And I almost thought for a moment that the last officer sitting up there had to be the guy stiffed me with the ticket. And I thought the worst. By the time that most of the officers were done and there was only one left there were still many of us sitting down in our seats. Seemingly waiting to go up there. And I thought to myself, "What if this guy who gave me my ticket had so many other tickets here today that they were saving all of his tickets for last?" I could barely stand the suspense. And just when I thought I would have to finally prepare myself to go on up there, the judge said that he was going to list some names. And when he called the names we would have to stand up. Mine was among said names. And when all of us were standing, the judge joked that he was going to raise all our bails to $5,000.00 unless we all cleared out of the court room in ten seconds.

It didn't fully sink in right away but I had probably never been so relived in my life. It was great. I asked a guy behind me, "Is that it? We don't have to do anything else? We get our money back right?" I was off the hook. And to celebrate, I took myself over to my local comic book shop and spent all the gift card money that I got for Christmas on a bunch of comics. It had been a really good morning.
It was way too easy to get off the hook for this. And just as easily. Five days later, on January 2, 2010, I got a check in the mail from the Superior Court of California giving me my $212.00 back and saying that I was exonerated. And I tell you, that word had never sounded sweeter.


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