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It's been quite a long time since I've posted any blogs here. But something happened today that kickstarted me into a bit of a writing mode.

This morning, on my way to work at approximately 5:50am I had a close encounter with one of either two possible scenarios. I could have either ended up in a car accident this morning or I could have ended up dead or injured in a car accident.

While I was driving to work, I decided to look at something on my phone (extremely stupid, I know) while I was driving through a curve in the road. I went off the road a little and skidded onto the dirt and I lost control of my car. My car was fishtailing everywhere and in those split-seconds I really didn't know what to do. I remember I tried to break and it didn't work, my car just kept skidding, until my car ended up 180 degrees in the other lane right behind a white pick-up truck, just narrowly missing the end of it.

It freaked me out a little but without thinking I turned my car around and continued driving to work. And the whole day I kept thinking to myself that I could have died this morning, though I also kept telling myself that I was being overly dramatic. But I suppose it was a possibility. But the truth of the matter remains, I could have crashed my car into the fence on the side of the road or I could have crashed it into that white pick-up truck. And any one of those three scenarios would have caused me to have a bad day before the sun even came out. And by the grace of God I survived without any real damage to myself, my car, or anyone else. It's almost some sort of miracle. And all day I couldn't stop thinking about my life, my mortality, and things that I want to do and accomplish. Which wasn't even all that much because I could only think about books I wanted to read, movies I wanted to watch, and video game I wanted to play; and how sad my mother would have been if I had actually died today. And thinking about it, it's pretty lame that those are the only thoughts I really had when I came pretty close to dying today. I wish I had had some productive thoughts about what I should do with my life. But all I really had was the ideas and the notion that God spared me for some reason. That I could have actually died or ended up injured and for whatever reason God wanted me alive and in one piece. It's a humbling feeling when you could have died but you didn't.

I now, more than ever, feel like I am meant for something important. but like always I just wish I knew what it was. Because it's a terrible feeling when you have no idea what to do

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That is scary! But it's not a miracle that you didn't end up hurt or dead; it's just luck. Still, thinking about your life and what you want to accomplish is never a bad thing, so in that sense this little incident was a good thing. And as for being able to think of an important thing to accomplish, well, it doesn't have to be something earth-shattering. It can be something as simple - but IMPORTANT - as being there for the people you care about, dedicating yourself to living a good life, living with respect and honor, and appreciating what you have. So read those books, play those games, see those movies, and love your mom and family. That's all most people need!

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